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Hardwood flooring is an integral part of any property in Ottawa. Pick Upper Canada Wood Flooring for all your flooring needs and experience the unique blend of technical ability, customer service, and affordable prices that make us a winning choice.

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Proudly providing flooring services that improve your property.

To stay at the top of Ottawa's fast-moving flooring industry, Upper Canada Wood Flooring is an agile business that embraces classic materials like hardwood while also keeping up with new emerging trends to provide a full-featured flooring solution for our local customers.

At Upper Canada Wood Flooring , our commitment is on quality and we're happy to show off previously completed projects in Ottawa, ranging from one-room residential hardwood installs to full design-build solutions for commercial flooring projects.

Big and small, we've got what it takes to turn your Ottawa flooring into a success. Call Upper Canada Wood Flooring at 613-203-3125 today!

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Comprehensive Range of Services

Floors come in all different types and needs. At Upper Canada Wood Flooring, we can handle them all. Check out our flooring service areas by clicking below.

In an ideal world, nobody will ever notice the installation of your flooring. Quietly blending into the background, the details of a perfect floor installation are meant to be hidden, whether it's carpet, hardwood, tiles, or another material. At Upper Canada Wood Flooring , we're proud to be the area's best at providing immaculate installations whose details are never seen..

Regardless of if you prefer parquet, Upper Canada Wood Flooring will approach each job with the same level of care that leads to a great install. During the planning phase, we'll take accurate measurements and give you an accurate quote for the costs to avoid unpleasant surprises like running out of material or hidden charges at the end of the job.

What you'll quickly see with a flooring installation by Upper Canada Wood Flooring is the customer service we bring to the table. Like you, we're local to Ottawa and doing a poor job is simply not an option. Our reputation for quality flooring installation is what keeps us in business and why we strive to be the best every time we lay down laminate, wooden planks, or any other flooring type.

To discuss the different types of flooring installations available in Ottawa, dial 613-203-3125 to speak to a Upper Canada Wood Flooring expert.

Building the premier sanding and staining hardwood floors provider in Ottawa isn't easy, but Upper Canada Wood Floors has done it. By focusing on always delivering the best possible service at a competitive price, we've won plenty of fans and established a local reputation that reaches far and wide through Ontario.

While we may be known across Ontario, Upper Canada Wood Floors is clearly focused on the Ottawa community. Our sanding and staining hardwood floors team is here to stay and our goal is simply to provide top quality in the local area. When you want the best sanding and staining hardwood floors specialist, then Upper Canada Wood Floors is the answer.

Call Upper Canada Wood Floors at 613-203-3125 to schedule a visit for sanding and staining hardwood floors in Ottawa.

Less than the best is simply not good enough. With Upper Canada Wood Floors taking care of your sanding pine floors issue, you'll have Ottawa's top firm providing the type of service that you expect and deserve. With us, it will be done right and we're sure you'll be happy to recommend us to others in the Ottawa area.

Other sanding pine floors companies in Ottawa may choose to cut corners to pad their bottom line, but you can rest assured that Upper Canada Wood Floors will go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied. Our high standards and commitment to quality means we'll stand behind all work done.

To learn more about how Upper Canada Wood Floors has helped customers like you in the Ottawa area with their sanding pine floors needs, just give us a call at 613-203-3125.

When it was first installed, the flooring in your Ottawa property probably looked great. However, time can get the best of even the best floors and general wear and tear can add up over the years. With the help of Upper Canada Wood Flooring , a leading flooring repair firm, you'll be able to seamlessly fix all those nagging problems and bring back the original look of your floors.

While other Ottawa flooring repair companies may just look to patch a broken tile or hardwood piece, Upper Canada Wood Flooring takes things a step further. Instead of a quick swap, we'll investigate to see why the piece broke and fix and underlying problems to prevent the same cracking or splitting from happening again.

In the end, what separates Upper Canada Wood Flooring flooring repair with that of other companies is the simple fact that we care. We're not out to make a quick buck and would rather provide a high quality repair that lasts for years so you'll feel comfortable recommending us to others in the Ottawa area.

With the right knowledge and the best quality materials, Upper Canada Wood Flooring has the Ottawa flooring repair you want. Call us today at 613-203-3125.

Many Ottawa cleaning providers focus on specialty areas, but Upper Canada Wood Floors has endeavored to be the area's top one-stop shop, capable of providing a wide range of cleaning for our local clients. Equally talented at all aspects of cleaning, you can count on our team to deliver the result you want.

Upper Canada Wood Floors has a unique ability in that our detail-oriented approach means we're able to not only fix your current cleaning issue but also look to the future and potential problems. In this manner, we've been able to save our Ottawa customers a considerable amount of money by doing proactive work.

Join the Ottawa team working for improved cleaning in Ottawa. Call Upper Canada Wood Floors at today.

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